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Učenje slovenačkog jezika




History of Music



The First ‭ History of Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina Promoted

Organized by the Institute for Musicology - Music Academy in Sarajevo, ‭ ‬ Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the University of Sarajevo, on Friday, ‬ 6 January ‭ ‬ 2011‬, the promotion of a university textbook ‭ History of Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Prof. ‭Dr Ivan Čavlović was organized.

Renowned BH musicologist, professor and current Dean of the Music Academy in Sarajevo, Ivan Čavlović is the author of publication of epochal significance for reflecting the cultural identity of peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina ‭ - ‬ of the first comprehensive written history of music in our country. ‭ This valuable edition is the result of many years of research by Professor Čavlović, and implemented within the publishing activities of the Institute for Musicology, Music Academy in Sarajevo.

Upon the occasion of this highly significant scientific publication in the introductory part of promotion, daughter of Academician Teodor Romanić, ‭ ‬ Professor Aleksandra Romanić read his address,‭ ‬ while Prof. Dr‭ ‬ Hazim Bašić, ‭ Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Sarajevo and Doz. Dr ‭ ‬ Jasmina Talam, ‭Head of the Institute for Musicology - Music Academy in Sarajevo also made an address.

Due to the lack of professional literature, especially literature of academic level, it is important to emphasize that this publication is the first textbook in the area of history of music that has been gained, through the regular Publishing Council's procedure, the university approval.

During his address, Vice-Rector Bašić stressed that this work represented a starting point, the initial reference or the cornerstone for future researchers of history of music in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

"By working his for his entire life in the field of music, Professor Čavlović confirmed the saying that music is enough for life, but for music life is not enough" said Vice-Rector Bašić, and stressed: "Today, during the agony of cultural institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, highlighting of this and other books, may be seen as a form of resistance to the collapse of culture in BiH. So, we write and publish books in the time when the libraries are getting closed. Science, culture and art are the ID card of a society, the identity card of the people. The Professor Čavlović's work is a contribution to the final appearance of our legitimacy. "

At 360 pages, with more than 80 graphic appendices, extensive bibliography of literature and sources, index of names and other elements of the methodological equipment that is essential in the works of historiographic type, the author takes us through the stages of the development of music culture and art in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where in addition to factual treatment are specific social-cultural historical context is strongly problematized.

Promoters of this significant issue were: Academicians Muhamed Filipović, Nikša Gligo and Doc. Dr Mirna Marić.

"This is a book that made me very pleased, and that somehow expressed what I thought it was almost halted and gone - that entire lasting, peaceful, calm work on the reconstruction of the flow of life in its most important expressions. Not in that external, glossy, but in that what was the creation of eternal and the creation of what is an extremely great value for man and mankind. Music is a very serious matter. The mankind could not be constituted, in its emotional and moral aspect, without it" said Academician Filipović, and with congratulations added: „I believe that Professor Čavlović, by this work, erected a monument to all music creators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can now talk about the musical life in BiH with arguments, and with very clear and precise evaluations and conclusions. "

Academician Nikša Gligo stressed that it was extremely important fact since it was about the first History of Music in BiH, which was already a sufficient argument for its plausibility.

"The author admits that the book was the basis for further research. Throughout the book like a golden thread runs through the issue of Bosnian spirit in B&H music. If one does not understand the phenomenon of the Bosnian spirit that is truly unique, then you one cannot make any further step in the scientific use of this book" concluded Academician Gligo and expressed the opinion that this book would be of great benefit not only to students, because the author gives a systematic set of sources that require further research and elaboration.

Dr. Mirna Marić in her review states: "The book by Dr Ivan Čavlović History of Music in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a major scientific and research work that contributes to the clarification of the history of music in Bosnia and Herzegovina by its content. The work deals with issues of music from its beginnings to the present day. In the presentation of the material, the author applies the achievements of modern science and uses all relevant methods for such research. From the literature list it is clear that the author has consulted all available relevant materials and documentation, as well as that he accedes to it with great care and seriousness which gives to the book a status of excellence. It was written with very good knowledge of basic factographic skills and previous historical-critical judgments on it. This is at the same time the first and only book that deals with research and study of Bosnian music continuously from its beginning to the 21 century. The reader will find in the book a number of information presented about each composer, his opus in Bosnian music and culture in general. This book is the extremely valuable and significant contribution to the Bosnian culture."




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